North Africa Story : South Africa

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North Africa Story The North Africa Story were the campaigns to take over North Africa. This was of major concern for the British because they would lose control over the Suez canal, which was a “lifeline” for the British colonies. Also, it endangered the oil reserves in the Middle East (“North Africa campaigns”). Here, the use of Ultra had both positive and negative affects to the outcome. To begin with, the first strikes on Africa by Erwin Rommel were successful. Rommel was ordered by the Germans to wait until May to strike. However, he did not wait and attacked almost immediately. This caused Ultra to be of no use because it did know about the May strike, but because Rommel went against his orders, Ultra could not predict it. This led to the Allies believing that the Germans knew that they cracked the code and were trying to trick them (Duestch, “The Historical Impact…” 20). However, Ultra was able to obtain a picture of Rommel’s tank’s strength in Africa. So, this allowed the Allies to learn of the strength and the possibility of fighting the Afrika Korps and if they could defeat them (Murray). Finally, the attack on Alexandria was a victory for the Allies and for Ultra. The Army commander was using Ultra and was able to find out everything about Rommel’s final attack on Alexandria, Egypt. Even though Rommel’s attack was delayed for a couple of days, it still occurred as Rommel planned. Therefore, the Allies were able to defeat Rommel (Gladwin 214). On the other…
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