North African Campaign During World War II

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North African Campaign World War II will always be a defining part of History for both the US and the rest of the world. Although we came out victorious that wasn’t possible without a great loss of life, resources, and morals. There were many key battles that brought us towards victory, but when you think of the battles that took place during the second World War, the locations that come to mind are likely in France, Germany or another European location. It’s safe to assume that for most North Africa wouldn’t be anywhere on our minds. However, the battles that took place in North Africa from September 13th, 1940 to May 13th, 1943 were very tactically significant to powers of both the Allies and the Axis and were critical to the course of the second World War. The North African Campaign occurred for a variety of reasons pertinent to both sides. When Italy invaded Ethiopia, it causes many African nations to be fearful of their own safety. This led to Egypt allowing England to have an increased military presence country for protection even though they had technically freed themselves of British rule about 20 years prior. The majority of British forces stationed in the country were protecting the Suez Canal as it was their only method of importing oil from the Middle East (much of which went to fueling their mechanized army) and raw materials from Asia. The canal essentially provided England with a lifeline through the Mediterranean. However, it wasn’t until Italy formally

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