North Americ The World For Its Excellent Professional Sports

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Layne Greeson
North America is known around the world for its excellent professional sports. Athletes from around the world come to the North America with the dream of becoming a professional athlete in their respective sport. Organized professional baseball in North America was developed in 1876 with the creation of the American League (AL). In 1901 the National League (NL) was formed in order to compete with the AL hence Major League Baseball (MLB) was born. From 1901 till now Major League Baseball has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry consisting of 30 MLB teams residing primarily in the United States with one team in Canada. The AL consists of 15 teams split into three separate divisions. The NL also consists of 15 teams split into three separate divisions. MLB teams compete in a 162 game season in order to determine which 10 teams, five from each league, will compete in an end of the season tournament and have a chance to win a World Series which is the most prestigious award an MLB team can accomplish. With this goal in mind MLB teams attempt to hire world class athletes in order to produce a winning team which in turn generates revenue.
Baseball is statistical driven sport more than any other because the game is structured in a way that allows for easy comparison of players performance through the use of statistical aspects. Baseball teams pay athletes based on their statistical performance such as the number of homeruns they hit, the number of…
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