North American Athletes Argument Essay

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The claim that a woman can give birth to a set of identical quadruplets is a fairly extraordinary one. Of course, the probability of such an occurrence is very low – approximately 1 out of every 11 to 15 million births (ABC News). Nevertheless, verifying this claim would require very simple evidence. Photographic evidence and medical records would be sufficient to prove the truth of the occurrence, no matter how rare or unlikely it is.Although it may be true that testicular cancer is more prevalent among North American athletes than among the general population, this is not sufficient to establish that M. Rhéaume, a former North American athlete, is at a heightened risk. Testicular cancer is said to appear at higher rates among the athletes due to the use of supplements and performance-enhancing…show more content…
The significance and relevance of the properties to the comparison being made is much more important than how many similarities are identified. This argument commits the slippery slope fallacy. Its success depends on the assumption that theris no meaningful distinction between a temper-tantruming baby and an angry adult who is accustomed to always getting their way. Theft is when an individual takes what belongs to another without permission. Taxation involves the state taking a fraction of the earnings of its citizens without their explicit consent. Therefore, taxation is theft. The crimes that Obama is accused of are similar to those of the Watergate scandal, according to Trump, because both involved wiretapping and because the same Russian official connected to Watergate had made visits to the White House during the last months of Obama's presidency. If both of these claims about the Obama administration turned out to be true, then these similarities would definitely be relevant and would increase the likelihood that some sort of illegal spying had been
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