North American Culture

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In North America the culture is very diverse. In Canada french and english are the dominant languages. Just south of Canada is the United States of America the dominant language in the US is english. In Mexico spanish is the dominant language. North America is one of the most diverse places in the world. In North America there are 248 different cultures. This is due to democracy and the freedom that you get while living in the United States. Many of these cultures are from indian tribes that lived in North America before it was colonised by other countries. Also many cultures were made or influenced by European Colonies. The major cultures or religions in North America are Christianity and Judaism. The population of North America is 528.7…show more content…
North America is currently facing a drought that is going to continue to get worse because of global warming. Right now the drought is in the southern and western portion of North America but it is projected to grow as years go by. Thing that that have been done to try and improve the water quality are setting up stream- side buffers to prevent runoff from farms. Other strategies are the NRCS funding many different cooperating farms so they can afford eco- friendly farms. This money is used to build stream- side buffers which are small mounds of land that prevent water pollution. Also the NRCS targets many farms in one area not a bunch of different farms scattered around North America.
North America is one of the most divers places in the world. It has a very large population that is scattered across the continent. Some areas are more densely populated than others, and some areas have barely any population. North America is blessed with its large water supply, but sometimes we take it for granted. We use are water irresponsibly and we will suffer consequences if we do not make a change. Lucky many corporations have noticed how we poorly use water and they are planning for the future by finding new ways to save our
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