North America's Comparative Advantage

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On October 13, 2015, the Universal Corporation hosted the 21st annual International Business Forum in the University Student Commons Ballroom, which was sponsored by the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business every year when the forum is organized. The International Business Forum has been established by VCU in 1994 with the support of both private and public organizations from Richmond and Central Virginia. Each year, the forum has been supported through generous grants from the Universal Corporation. The purpose of this forum is to make students, faculty and the Virginia community more aware of global commerce and related international forces that make our world better. This year, which is also their third decade of hosting the forum, four panelists were on stage to this discuss the theme of this year’s forum “North America’s Comparative Advantage”. The overall purpose of the forum is to discuss why and how U.S., Canada and Mexico should enhance their alliance to meet the Asian and European challenges of the 21st century. Van R. Wood, Ph.D, the moderator of the forum, started the event off by welcoming everyone that attended. Van R. Wood is an International Marketing professor at VCU and the Philip Morris Endowed Chair in International Business. His teachings, research, and consulting focus on globalization and the selection and development of international markets has earned him many grants to develop international programs and has earned him many
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