North Carolin A Fictional Narrative

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The music from the car radio drowned out the sound from the road and the sunlight was lighting up all the dust particles in her car, making it look like they were dancing. While humming along to the song on the radio, an old disco tune from her childhood she took a turn to the left and started driving on a less trafficked road. Driving down the road she saw a scruffy looking man walking along the roadside. Smiling to herself she pulled her car over, rolled down the window and shouted in a southern drawl “Hey, you need a ride?”. The man looked at her with an almost confused look on his face before he nodded and got in the passenger seat. “I’m Andrew” he said reaching out his hand, “you?” She shook his hand and considered whether she should tell him her real…show more content…
He told her a story about when he and a friend snuck into a festival as teenagers and kept asking her about her childhood and her aunt in North carolina. She didn’t like that, it was to hard keep track of all the lies. Figuring it was time to end it, she started to drive on smaller and smaller roads. Andrew looked at her gingerly “you’re sure, ‘you’re driving the right way?” he asked with raised eyebrows. “Oh” she smiled at him “I was just looking for this diner, I found the last time I drove to my uncle”. He got a puzzled expression on his face when she said that “I thought you were visiting your aunt.” She froze up ‘crap, I messed up’ she thought before relaxing and saying “well I’m visiting both of them you silly”. Andrew seemed to accept that as an answer and settled back into his seat. Outside the shadows from the trees was growing longer, as she drove deeper into the woods. Glancing at the man beside her, she saw him drifting in and out of sleep. She kept driving until she heard snores coming from beside her. Then she stopped the car and quietly pulled down the sun visor, where she kept her stiletto
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