North Carolina And South Carolina

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Moving to North Carolina In different parts of the world, people do things differently. Someone from the United States is not going to say hi the same way someone in Europe will. In the United States people from New York are not going to be the same as people from North Carolina. This was a big change for me when I moved from New York to North Carolina. People in the south have a different dialect than from people in New York. When I first moved to North Carolina it was a different place. I was used to the buildings and the busy highways, and when I moved here it was nothing like that, it was very open with farms and golf courses. The surroundings were not the only thing that changed people from the south were completely different. The first couple of weeks living here, I just thought that people did not know how to speak. I was thirteen at the time and I was very ignorant. I thought people in North Carolina were just stupid. I remember walking into a Walmart and buying a few items, then checkout. The cashier was a big old women with short black hair. She said, “Your change is eight dollars and fifty two cents.” I just looked at that women and thought she was from a different country, she did not sound like me at all. I asked my mom when I got to the car. “What did that women say?” she replied, “Honey, she was just telling me my change.” I looked at my mom with big eyes, and then I started to laugh. My mom joined me, but I do not think she had a clue what I was
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