North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Voller: Unleashed

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On February 17, Chairman of the NC Democratic Party joined host Bram Sarkowski on his online blog show (63:27), “The Social Spitball,” and went on what amounts to a tirade against some of his party members. As the conversation began, Voller talks of his time spent “advocating pardon for the Wilmington Ten,” which were convicted of arson and conspiracy and spent nearly a decade in jail. While they were convicted initially, their sentences were overturned in 1908 and, the then governor Bev Purdue pardoned them in 2012. As the interview continues, Voller begins to lash out at several party members. He goes into deep detail about the firing of Tammy Bruenner NCDP Executive Director, who Voller first fired when he became chair. He claims that there were “abuses of party resources, such as using Lexus Nexus and other forms of research against people in our own party,” he claimed, “including me.” He continued, “I kept quiet about this but seeing as what has happened last week, I wanted shine the sunlight on this stuff.” After the firing of the Executive Director, turmoil ensued. “We had to have a conference call of 600 people,” Voller stated. Citing key figures that were meeting and the “mess” that ensued, Voller claimed, “It was the reason for several of the resignations that occurred, including Micah’s.” Micah Beasley was the Comms Director, until his resignation. “When this happened,” Voller said, “the IT and communications were locked down.” Sarkwoski then asks him about

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