North Carolina: Most Involved Area of the Fracking Process

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Fracking has become a nation wide debate and one that doesn’t seem to have an end. The state of North Carolina is one of the most involved areas of the fracking process. “North Carolina is sitting on top of large natural gas reserves (WRAL 1).” For this reason, many natural gas companies come to North Carolina for business. This helps the states economy because it produces more income and creates more jobs. The only problem is that the hydraulic fracking process has a reputation of contaminating local drinking water. This causes controversy with the citizens in cities such as Raleigh. Many cities welcome fracking while others try to completely ban it. The worst problem with fracking is that there seems to be no alternatives for it.…show more content…
Moss said that the damage caused by trucks during the hydraulic fracking process lowered the value of property in the town. This ultimately was main a contributor to why Creedmoor banned fracking. Before Cary and Raleigh could totally ban fracking that state of North Carolina started to take action. The state was scared the other counties and cities would continue to follow. The state advanced a bill would legalize the natural gas drilling method within two years. This bill also included “towns and counties cannot to ban the practice outright (newsobserver).” This means that while fracking is waiting to be legalized in North Carolina local towns cannot not ban it but only put restrictions on it. North Carolina cites responded by trying to uplift the bill that will eventually completely legalize fracking. Molly Diggins, director of the Sierra club chapter in North Carolina stated “This bill puts our water at risk by legalizing fracking before we have all the information needed to determine if it can be done safely in North Carolina (newsobserver).” The North Carolina environmental department released a 400 plus page study that concluded fracking couldn’t be done safely. The department said, “fracking can be done

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