North Carolina 's Nursing Shortage

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North Carolina’s Nursing Shortage: An Introduction Current internal and external hospital stressors are impacting NCs nursing shortage. With the release of many reports from different sources suggesting a change is needed. Most have been accurate in their projections; however, the struggle continues. Strong implications for the direction the crisis is heading, from campaign research to thesis and dissertations, written by professional groups and organizations add credibility to the cause; however, the shortage remains. Although some would argue that job satisfaction has no bearing on the nursing shortage and more pressing problems are prevalent; for example, the ageing population, undereducated nurses, patient safety and more positive patient outcomes; therefore, this paper highlights suggestions for change, with a concentration on nursing dissatisfaction and the nursing shortage. Nursing satisfaction has criteria for change; as documented in the Future of Nursing’s report, by the Institute of Medicine in cooperation with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations’, Campaign for Action. (IOM, 2010) (RWFF, 2010) Both reports lay the groundwork that influences NC current nursing shortage. At the same time; to make health care more affordable, the Affordable Care Act was entered into law (ACA, 2010). Additionally, hospitals and other health care facilities are applying for, and meeting criteria for accreditation and is very clear about implementing a mandatory, entry level, BSN
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