North Carolina's Voting System

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Living in a nation based on democracy, where a citizen’s voice is the equivalent of casting a vote in political elections, the majority of American citizens eligible to vote do not participate in elections. The rationale behind voter non-participation varies among individuals and demographic groups; however, they all share a connection regarding their feelings towards their treatment by the country's political system. Minority voters such as blacks and hispanics are a demographic group highly faced with disenfranchisement in regards to political elections due to oppression. North Carolina’s Voter ID laws are a prime example of how minority voters are being shut out.
Among non-voting Americans, many categorize into demographic groups that are being pushed out by the political system in the form of misrepresentation and corruption among government officials. According to voter trends in “Who Votes? Congressional Elections and the American Electorate: 1978–2014 ” by Thom File, Americans with low incomes, lower levels of education, younger Americans, and minorities are among some of the demographic groups experiencing the lowest voter rates. On the other hand, the wealthy, higher educated, older, and non minority white
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Voter ID laws would further enforce the agenda of the republican party by lessening the strength of democratic voters. “Studies have already shown a significant link between support for voter ID and racial discrimination, among both lawmakers and white voters in general.”(Ingraham, 7 Aug. 2016) Politicians catering to only select demographic groups creates and reinforces a hierarchy apparent to the suppressed demographic groups, causing them to have the outlook that they are repudiated by the
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