North Cleveland Evangelism

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Evangelism at North Cleveland takes the shotgun approach. That is to say the evangelistic style of the church is not targeted towards any specific demographic of people, but rather the church is intentionally designed to be multi-generational and multi-cultural. While many might argue that this approach lacks the vision required for growth, I do not believe that North Cleveland’s primary mission is to grow in the same manner as the contemporary and mega-churches of recent years. North Cleveland seems to know their guns and they are sticking to them. On Sunday morning, you will find a plethora of traditional or “old school” elements, but I believe this is what is best for them. An attempt to modernize and keep up with the aesthetic qualities of the “coffee shop churches” would only lead North Cleveland into an identity crisis. They are a traditional church, and they are good at being traditional. I believe that North Cleveland is a breath of fresh air to those who have had a bad experience with traditional church, and can serve as a model for what a traditional church could and should look like.…show more content…
The pastor, Mitch Maloney, is the long time senior pastor at North Cleveland and has a very distinct style of preaching. It’s classic preaching that is heavily rooted in scripture, is pentecostal to the core, and features the occasional conservative political opinion. It appeals strongly to the older generation; however, Maloney has the ability to draw in attenders of all ages. This can be seen by the large number of Lee students in attendance every Sunday morning. Sunday morning evangelism is very “churchy”, but that should not carry a negative connotation due to the fact that North Cleveland is indeed a
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