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Any Given Sunday and North Dallas Forty, made over 25 years apart, are two of the most famous football movies ever made. Both of these movies focus on an examination of American values as seen through the lens of a professional sport, both on and off the field. Any Given Sunday and North Dallas Forty do indeed have many striking similarities. Furthermore, it seems that both movies try to give a detailed depiction on the corporate mentality of modern day professional football; while at the same time, still working to deliver a traditional, likeable sports flick. Though there is a large time gap between the two films, they have similar messages and much in common.
In Any Given Sunday, Oliver Stone takes on professional football, a sport,
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Both films focus on characters struggling to stay successful in professional football and deal with pressures off the field. In North Dallas Forty, Phil Elliott is in such terrible shape, so in order to get through a game, it requires drugs, tape, and much padding. He is only able to compete in games when he is hopped up on painkillers, which are conveniently provided to him by management. His cynicism and independent spirit is looked upon as troublesome by team coaches. Eventually, the Bulls management team benches Elliot after manipulating him to help train a fellow teammate. Many similar things happen in Any Given Sunday. Cap Rooney, an older quarterback struggles to succeed, as the new owner balks at renewing his contract. However, unlike Elliot, Rooney’s coach fights for his spot on the team and wants him to play for the Sharks. Unfortunately, he ends up getting hurt and is replaced by a third-string rookie quarterback. Just as management in North Dallas Forty gives away drugs, the doctor in Any Given Sunday also saw nothing wrong with administering drugs to assist players in making sure they got on the field no matter what.
Both movies demonstrate the fact that the game of football has changed from a true sport into a business. In its own way, each film shows the passing of older generations and

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