North East Gang Information System

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Gang violence is a serious problem in USA, and no one is immune from the impact that gangs and youth violence can have on a community. Today, the gangs and the aspects of the violence they attract, draw young people from all walks of life, socio-economic backgrounds, races and ethnic groups. Youth violence is a problem not only for law enforcement but also for the community. Drive-by shootings, carjacking, home invasions and the loss of innocent life have become too frequent, destroying lives and ripping apart the fabric of communities.
Street gangs are very fluid in nature, and while it is fairly easy to develop intelligence information about them, many times the information is outdated almost before it is disseminated to
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These databases act as the repository of shared gang-related information.

NEGIS five databases are as follows:

Email communication:

Email is being utilized as part of NEGIS to facilitate communications between the different states. E-mail service with “file attachment” option is provided to users through this database. Investigators can have first hand knowledge from specific investigators of other states, they can post queries and get responses by E-mail Even though it seems as if this piece is just a throw-in because it comes as a standard part of Notes, it has taken on great importance because the majority of the states had no interstate Email capability in the past.

SPIN Database

SPIN is the intelligence module of NEGIS and was adapted from the Connecticut SPIN system. The original plan was to have an intelligence piece developed specifically for NEGIS, but the cut in the grant money resulted in the participants having to use the existing SPIN development effort as part of NEGIS. Because SPIN was not designed to be shared between states the component resides only in Connecticut. NEGIS users from other states must submit a request to Connecticut to be resolved.

Library of Gang Related Material

The Library of Gang Related Material is a reference database that contains general information like
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