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Table of Contents Executive summary 3 Introduction 3 Situation analysis 4 Macro analysis 4 Demographic 4 Socio cultural 4 Economics 4 Technological 5 Regulation 5 Natural environments 5 Micro analysis 5 Industry assessment 5 Market assessment 6 Team domain 6 Porters five forces analyses 6 Rivalry among present competitors 6 The threat of new entrants 6 Bargaining power of buyers 7 Bargaining power of suppliers 7 Threat of substitute products 7 Competition analysis 7 Competitive advantage 8 SWOT analysis 8 Strength 8 Weakness 9 Opportunity 9 Threats 9 Skiwear industry attractiveness 10 Marketing strategy 10 Marketing objectives 10 Promotion strategy 11 Positioning 11
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Market assessment
There are identifiable customer needs in the skiwear market. The market size itself is reasonable, accounts for $216 million dollar in sales.

Team domain
The untapped customer bases are also outdoor enthusiast, which in line with the TNF’s product design and sales objective.

Porters five forces analyses
By analyzing the porter’s five forces collectively would enable the evaluation of an industry’s long term attractiveness.

Rivalry among present competitors
There are many small firms in an industry and no dominant firms exist (Walker, 2009), the skiwear market is highly fragmented and the market is in pure competition, where all competitors controlling a small portion of market share. Moreover, the switching cost for buyers are low, hence the rivalry is high and unfavorable.

The threat of new entrants
The threat of new entrants is high and moderately favorable due to the fact that the barrier to enter the skiwear market is low. It does not require economies of scale nor capital intensive.

Bargaining power of buyers
The bargaining power of buyers is high and moderately favorable.

Bargaining power of suppliers
Bargaining power of supplier is low and favorable. In fact TNF has its own manufacturing facility by backward integration. It is part of the objectives by the management of TNF to align the new market production that is compatible

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