North Kore An North Asian Country

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North Korea is an East Asian country, officially the democratic people’s republic of Korea. The name Korea is derived from the kingdom Goguryeo or Koryo. Every day from Monday to Saturday more than 24 million people work to maintain the socialist machine of North Korea, this unique political experiment it’s been running for almost 70 years. It’s all at the expense of an isolated and subjugated people. This means people protected from the outside world by their leader, public knowledge of the country remains limited. Even Kim Jong Un exact age is a mystery to north Koreans and to other people, like his father and grandfather before him. North Korea is a country however cautiously is gradually opening its door to investors and tourists but at the same time remains inaccessible and mysterious. Pyongyang is the center of power for the North Korean regime. The capital city and the face of the republic where people spent most of their time in this almost completely unknown and isolated country. The North Korean still live the war constantly that ended from 60 years ago. The leader has employed propaganda for decades in order to gain and maintain power over its citizens. Propaganda will remain fundamentally unchanged as it continues to prioritize its main goal of sustaining power.
A brief history about North Korea, In 1910 Japan colonized the Korean country, when Korean began to modernize during this period, and Pyongyang became a vibrant center of

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