North Kore Totalitarian Authoritarian Regime

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Primarily, it is evident that North Korea carries a Totalitarian Authoritarian regime that has been upheld by its first president, Kim Il-sung. The official Supreme Leader of North Korea is Kim Il-sung grandson, Kim Jong-un, who took over after his father passed away in 2011. North Korea is under Democratic People’s Republic of Korea political power, which was founded in September 9, 1948. Overall, North Korea can be described has a country that is led a political system that is called totalitarianism. In other words, this describes a state that has a leader that creates repression by using propaganda campaign, cult personality, and extreme regulations. For this regime the ultimate goal is to diminish individuality and to obtain the ultimate political control by having authority over the public and private life. Additionally, Worker’s Party of Korea is the only political party that is made up of members that hold similar ideology beliefs as the Supreme leader of North Korea. The documentary “Inside North Korea” effortlessly portrays the severity of the authoritarian characteristics in isolated North Korea. The documentary is based on the experiences surgeon Dr. Sandy, communicator Lisa Ling, and the camera crew experienced during their trip. North Korea granted them permission to enter the country because of Dr. Sandy ability to bring light to patients with cataracts. This is possible through a surgery that is done to people that are partially or completely blind. Although
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