North Korea And South Korea

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I want the world to know more about my country which is South Korea. Korea is a unique country with a long history. It has beautiful culture and traditions. The history makes the people complete and united. There have been trials in the past that needed to be straightened out, which was still in the process of being clarified. The citizens work together in the free and just country to make the two countries whole. There have been flaws shown in North Korea and South Korea. I wanted to teach this town the truth about our history and only the truth. I don’t believe anyone has the right to say anything they are not educated of or verified to be true with facts and evidence. I couldn’t stand looking at people tell made up history about my country and be biased in countries that were in conflict with Korea because of various reasons. I wanted to start a change in this world so there was no need for confusion and misunderstandings. We cannot deny the truth in any way; so with the true history, I truly wanted to reveal all truths about Korea and its history that has been hidden through the years. My project was to show people about Korea and the current events in Korea. That’s why I planned to have a festival by the suggestion of Mr. Smith. I did research pertaining to the many interesting things that have occurred in my homeland. I have lived in Korea and learned in Korea, so I have come to know many things concerning the life and education of Korea. I really enjoyed this…
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