North Korea And South Korea

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Before Korea was divided into North and South, it was known as Chosun, land of the morning calm. They were united under the Joseon Dynasty for over five hundred years. So, they essentially share the same language and culture. As a result of World War II the unified country was divided with the North coming under Soviet influence and the South under American influence. Today the division and tensions remains with the Demilitarized Zone separating the two regions. North Korea remains a backward country while South Korea transformed into a flourishing nation capable of competing with other world powers. As a result, some people from the North risk everything to defect for a chance at a better life. One notable North Korean defector is Yeonmi Park. In her autobiography In Order to Live she details her childhood, what it was like growing up in North Korea, to her escape to China, and finally her arrival and new start in South Korea. Yeonmi Park was born on October 4, 1993 in Hyesan to Byeon Keum Sook and Park Jin Sik. She grew up in a small, drafty house with her parents and her older sister Eunmi. Winters were especially difficult and to keep warm they’d all huddle near the fire in an attempt to stay warm. The nights were so dark that you couldn’t see anything. Furthermore, because electricity was so rare, it was normal to go several weeks, sometimes months, without it. Since candles were expensive, they practically lived in the dark for most of the days. To get water,…
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