North Korea Autocracy

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Throughout our entire history there has been a prefered way of command. In the early stages of civilizations, an autocracy was preferred. Now in the Modern Age, Democracy is favored. With more globalization now than there ever was, the normal citizens of the State have more economic influence. “Democracy is the worst form of government on earth except for all the rest” (Winston Churchill) Like Churchill, I also think that Democracy is the prefered type of government for the world we live in today because it leads to more economic growth. Democracy is a type of government where the population of the State votes for the policies. Democratic Government can be a pure Democracy, Republic or any mix of those two. Typically in a Democracy the policies favor the public, like tax proportional to your income. Policies like that often give incentive for innovations and trade, which, leads to growth of the State. Focus on Economics when investigating is crucial. Take North Korea for example, they have a absolute monarchy. Due to that and the hostility from the North Korean Government, there is little to no trade with that State. From what we know about North Korea, they are far less medically advanced. Their literacy rate is also lower than similar States like South Korea. With no solid…show more content…
Autocracy is a government that is influenced by a small group of powerful people. Although that group can be elected by the public, often the group decides by itself. Autocracy leads to policies that favor the small, powerful group, which, leads to poverty and low incentive for better work than needed. Saying that, I do have to say that if the small web of people controlling the government have a positive goal for their future, then there is little harm done. The main difference between Democracy and Oligarchy is that in an Oligarchy there is a higher incentive for the political leaders to favor the policies to the wealthy tip of the
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