North Korea Ethical Issues

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The 2018 Winter Olympics are scheduled to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea; directly bordering the hermit kingdom of North Korea. Based on prior and present tensions between the two countries (Korean War, 1950-1953), it begs the question of what extent will North Korean art, philosophies, and ethics have on the 2018 Olympics. In more recent times, North Korea has become more vocal about its actions such as the building of its military, weapons, and possibly the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack (Levs, 2014). However, there is still a substantial lack of information on North Korean culture and mindset due to their secrecy. Solely looking at art, philosophies, and ethics, North Korea will have next to no effect on the 2018 Olympics. The arts…show more content…
Relating back to art, North Korean citizens only get to see the art that is approved and published by the North Korean government in accordance to their terms (Jeong & Lee, 2009). The ethics in North Korea are heavily decided by what the government decides to be moral and immoral (Yang, 2013). North Korean citizens from early ages are taught what is good, bad, moral, and immoral. For example, they are taught in a way that portrays the government and Kim Jong Un in a positive light, while capitalism and democracy is portrayed in a much more negative light (Jeong & Lee, 2009). The ethics of North Korea could possibly come into play when the Olympics are held, but it would not truly affect the actual games to any extent.
North Korea’s arts, philosophies, and ethics will have next to no effect on the 2018 Winter Olympics. An argument could be made for other lenses, but for these lenses specifically, the answer is that there will be next to no effect. Based on these lenses, South Korea and other countries should not be worried whether North Korea will have a negative impact or not on the Olympic
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