North Korea Foreign Policy

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Assess the impact of foreign involvement on North Korea’s foreign policy and isolation:

North Korea is, as stated by Bruce Cummings in North Korea – Another Country, “The Author of most of its own troubles”. The country is close to entirely isolated from the rest of the world maintaining only small contact with certain nations. Since the ceasefire of the Korean War, North Korea has become increasingly detached from the majority of the world; however what factors have led to this increased isolation? The heavy bombing of the North during the war, the continued existence of missiles aimed at the North, the fall of the Soviet Union, the Carter and Clinton governments steps on reconciliation with North Korea and the Bush Governments
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With a loss of one of the countries few remaining large allies, North Korea would have been driven further into isolation after this collapse.
North Korea’s foreign policy was becoming increasingly reclusive in the late 20th century. Anders Lewis, a right-wing American historian and a heavy detractor towards much of Bill Cummings’ sympathetic work towards North Korea quoted Kim Jong Il in his essay, The Historian Who Defends North Korea as saying; “‘the imperialists’ aid is a noose of plunder and subjugation aimed at robbing ten and even a hundred things for one thing that is given”. It was clear that the North was still self-excluded and heavily isolated from much of the world; however between 1993 and 2001, the government of Bill Clinton made several important steps which improved North Korea’s foreign relations and reduced the countries increasing level of isolation.

Korea had “suffered a fractured 20th century” and the Clinton government realized this and worked towards reconciling with the fragile and tense culture which had been created in the North. Cummings observed several key points about the progress of the Clinton government’s steps on reconciliation with North Korea and states “It took the road of negotiation and accomplished several things no previous administration ever did”.

When focusing in on this progress,
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