North Korea Infrastructure

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Nestled in the north peninsula of Korea in East Asia lies North Korea also referred to as The Peoples Republic of Korea and is divided into nine provinces. The nation has an extensive infrastructure, but not modernized and is underdeveloped. Communism consumes North Korea where isolationism and dictatorship are staples in the government. Every aspect of the nation is state regulated and laws are carried out diligently with serious reprisal for disobedience. North Korea prides itself on their military abilities and puts forth the interests of the military before anything. Despite severe food shortages, economic instability, and lack of electricity, North Korea is undeterred in their efforts to maintain the fourth largest military in the world.…show more content…
Most the highways, and roads within the nation are unpaved and quickly deteriorating. Privately owned vehicles are scarce due to the inability to afford them by the citizens and trucks are far and few due to the limited resources of fuel. There are twelve ports throughout the nation and only a few can accommodate the commuting of large ships, consequently reducing the ability to conduct business by sea. Of the forty-nine airports in North Korea, roughly twenty of them have paved runways, ultimately making the mere twenty scheduled flights a week difficult. Communication is another aspect in North Korea that is strictly enforced and often neglected. As of 1990, there were roughly 290,000 televisions and four point two million radios in use in the entire country. Household Telephones are strictly limited to the noble class of higher Social rank. Cell phones are available, but combined with the high cost, poor reception ad very few towers, most are not fortunate enough to own one. There was only one line of communication to the United States but has since been severed and contact with the United States is now impossible, not to mention forbidden and incurs a severe
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