North Korea Poses Threat To The United States. Ssg Stumbo,

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North Korea Poses Threat to the United States
SSG Stumbo, Tommy A.
ALC Class 002-017

Does different cultures throughout society poses a threat to the United States. A culture is said to be a customary belief, social forms and material traits of a racial religious, or social group that is learned, shared, integrated, dynamic, and based upon symbols. The characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in a place or time. All cultures have these basic features. It is not biological and we do not inherit it. We share culture with other members of our group in which we are able to act appropriately and despite the shared nature of culture, this does not mean that culture is homogenous. Does North …show more content…

Cultures are unparalleled with North Korea maintaining a communist government ran by the Kim Family for generations rather than a democracy like the United States. North Korea consists of a population conditioned from a very young age to accept the words and deeds of the elder and junior Kim’s to be the absolute truth. “The greatest meaning in life lies in bullets and bombs.” With a society referred into three categories as basic, chaotic and enemy, depending on the background and social origins. With a culture that operates as a communist Government raising human rights issues in addition to concerns over nuclear and chemical weapons. Human rights are nonexistent in the country. Officials above Deputy Prime Minister Level are provided vehicles at state expenses. Party operates at a level of discipline surpassing that of the military. For example, “public self-criticism is the punishment for being a minute late after lunch. Surveillance is much tighter to include listening devices at home and watching their every move.” Corruption is highest in the government trading and foreign exchange departments. Almost equally severe in departments responsible for housing and employment. Nuclear and chemical weapons have always been an interest between the two. A Stalemate, escalation, or an agreement.
Military Demarcation Line within the 4 kilometer wide Demilitarized Zone has separated the North from South Korea since 1953. Risking arrest, imprisonment and

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