North Korea Threatens War Over Nuclear Ambitions

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Tim Middendorf
Professor Stephens
Causal Analysis Essay
North Korea Threatens War over Nuclear Ambitions
Amid Growing tensions between the Unites States and North Korea over the North’s ambition to have and control nuclear weapons with the capability of reaching the continental United States. The world watches and waits for the start of what may be the next world war. As the Unites States searches for a diplomatic solution with the help of its allies in the area, the U.S. military stands ready to win any conflict that may arise from the situation in North Korea. The North has been working tirelessly to achieve its goal of having nuclear weapons. In the middle 1990’s, former North Korean leader Kim Jung Il started the nuclear
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Especially North Korea who depends on China for almost everything that it cannot make for itself. “Heavy sanctions cannot work when China starts sabotaging the sanctions quietly to keep form it harming its economy”(Lankov. 2016.). The president of the United States Donald Trump has vowed to take care of the North Korean Threat with or without the help of China. President Trump in a speech on April 24th, 2017 has stated that the North is a real threat to the world and that they are a problem that finally needs to be solved calling for heavier sanctions against the country. In an article by Joshua Taylor in the Daily Mirror, London, England, he tells about statements that President Trump has said about the North and China. Trump states that “ China has great influence over North Korea and they will either help the United States or they wont. If they do then it will be good for China and if not then it wont be good for anyone. If china wont deal with them then we will” (Taylor, 2017.). The U.S. president has made it clear that he intends to be vigilant with the current tension with the North. In doing so President Trump has sent three aircraft carrier groups to the region as a show of force to try and sway Kim Jung Un form continuing his missile tests.
The United States military is one of the best technologically advanced fighting machines in the world. Since World War 2, the United States has had the strongest military. Recently, the U.S. Navy has
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