North Korea Will Meet Its End Is On The Minds Of Many East Asian Policy

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How North Korea will meet its end is on the minds of many East Asian policy makers, analysts, experts, and military minds. Why is North Korea worth the attention? North Korea is one of the most heavily armed nations on earth. North Korea possesses a large conventional force of 1.2 million soldiers (Scobell 2007, 8), making her a threat to neighboring South Korea. In addition, North Korea maintains a large Special Operations Force to operate behind the lines in a major confrontation with South Korea (Scobell 2007, 8). But it is North Korea’s chemical weapons and missile inventory that pose a threat to not only South Korea but also Japan (Scobell 2007, 9-10) and island nations in the Pacific. The US is close allies with both Japan and South Korea and North Korea’s advances in unconventional military might are troubling. While it is unlikely North Korea will attack South Korea in an all out attempt to reunite the peninsula (Scobell 2007, 12), another possibility exists for North Korea: total collapse of the state as we understand it. The security of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction will be of paramount importance to the US and the rest of the world as North Korea maintains a robust WMD program to include nuclear weapons (Scobell 2007, 9-11). North Korea’s collapse would require massive resources from the US and South Korea and other neighboring countries to secure WMD facilities and the population. Since all out war launched by either US-ROK alliance or North
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