North Korea and Human Rights Abuses

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In the wake of the inquiry into North Korea’s Human Rights Abuses published in February 2014 by the United Nations Human Rights Council, there has been a large global focus on the abuses of human rights by the rogue state. The inquiry, which compares the North Korean regime to that of Nazi Germany (Kirby, Darusman, and Biserko, 2014), has generated widespread global discussion about the conditions within the totalitarian state, and for the international community it is difficult to dismiss the considerable injustices that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRKs) citizens are suffering under the current North Korean regime.
North Korea is a state frozen in time, devoid of any recent social, economical and technological advances, and their inveterate abuse of human rights is widespread and deeply ingrained in their society. Despite the recent global focus of North Koreas human rights abuses, some claim that human rights conditions in the DPRK have been gradually improving (Lankov, 2013. b.). If this is the case, why was their need for such a recent inquiry into an improving situation?
The investigation into the early 2014 focus will attempt to consider the issue from both a realist and liberal point of view. The main actors national interest in relation to the United Nations (UN) report will be explored to determine if an explanation for the global focus can arise, looking purposely at the People’s Republic of China, the Democratic People’s Republic of
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