North Korea and the Rise of the Communist Movement

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1940’s North Korea
& the Rise of the Communist Movement

Ever since its emergence in 1945, North Korean leadership has been characterized by its basic continuity and the regime has been relatively stable. Yet under this continuity of leadership, the regime has undergone a considerable degree of evolution. Following the liberation of Korea in 1945 after thirty-six years of Japanese colonial rule, three major Korean communist groups emerged in North Korea. They were the native communist group, the Yenan faction, and the Soviet-returned group. The native communist group consisted of communists who had operated inside Korea: the Yenan faction were communists who had come back from Yenan, the communist base in China, after years of exile; and
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Even many communists in the south would come to disagree with the fine print of the Trusteeship because it granted too much authority to the Soviet Union over Korea. When the news of the proposed trusteeship plan reached Korea on the morning of December 29th, 1945, reactions of Koreans, including communists in both North and South Korea, were immediate and hostile. The Koreans reasoned that any trusteeship, no matter how temporary, would mean an unnecessary postponement of immediate independence. While in the Soviet zone where the Soviet Army was already on special alert against any anti-trusteeship demonstrations the opposition was generally expressed in grumbles, in the American zone political parties of all shades, including communists, vehemently denounced the Moscow decision. Thus for a few days public opinion in Korea appeared to be unanimous in opposing the proposed trusteeship. During these few days Kim Il-sŏng; and his immediate associates were said to have kept silent. It was on January 2nd of the next year that they, in the name of the North Korean Communist Party, came out with a decision in support of the Moscow Agreement:
“The Moscow Agreement made by three foreign ministers of the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom is the expression of justice and sincerity. Therefore, we shall support the agreement with our whole hearts and shall

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