North Korea 's Nuclear Weapons

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Issue for Decision Dating back to the Korean War, North Korea has insisted its demand for nuclear weapons. North Korean leaders and officials claim this right on the basis to safeguard North Korea’s dignity, sovereignty and ensure peace in its nation. Since its withdrawal from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in January 2003, North Korea has demonstrated unacceptable behavior violating its obligations, in order to progress its nuclear weapon program. The United States views North Korea’s nuclear expansion behavior as intolerable. Current U.S. policy aims to weaken North Korea’s nuclear capabilities primarily through isolation, and ultimately to never accept it as a nuclear state. We presently continue to tighten sanctions, condemn the DPRK’s behavior and use traditional deterrence measures in order to denuclearize the state. I am confident that with tactful revisions in our current policy, we can more rapidly denuclearize and freeze all nuclear missile activity in North Korea. These revisions include targeting financial and regulatory sanctions against any government, financial or business entity serving North Korea’s nuclear program, countering North Korea’s developing missile capabilities by securing the U.S. and South Korea with appropriate defense mechanisms and encouraging Russia and China to withdraw political support and increase pressure on the DPRK. Ensuring the denuclearization of North Korea is essential to ensure U.S. national security and promote
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