North Korea versus China GDP

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In the geo-political world of 2014, there are two countries that stand in the forefront of Communist regimes. One would expect that with similar systems of governance, both countries would imitate, or begin to imitate, one another. The policies that deal with human rights, poverty, education, and hunger should be similar, if not the same. In the Western world where democracy is preached and practiced, the living standards and labor conditions are comparable. Just as the fatalities are low in the factories of Western Europe, they are just as low in America. Two countries with similar governments, on paper and in practice, should enforce similar policies. Ironically, two of the few Communist regimes in the world today could not be more…show more content…
North Korea has a very short history as its own sovereign nation. Immediately after being released from the Chinese empire, the country experienced civil unrest until it fell under the reign of the Japanese empire. North Korea stayed under Japanese occupation until 1945 when Japan had to relinquish its land holdings as a punishment for World War II. As a result, the northern part of Korea—north of the 38th parallel—went to the Soviet Union and the southern part of Korea went to the United States. In 1948, the Soviet Union pulled out of North Korea, and two years later, North Korea invaded South Korea to start the Korean War. In 1953, an armistice was signed between North Korea and South Korea. Unfortunately, after the countries involved in the war started to settle back down, a number of factors caused the North Korean economy to take a turn for the worst. Among those many factors are the fall of the Soviet Union and the intense floods, but ultimately it was the culmination of faulty actions taken by a corrupt government that took the economy down. Instead of the focusing on the nutrition of its people, the North Korean government spent more time “strengthening” its military. Ironically, that military is, and was, basically starving as well. The topic of hunger and poverty in countries like North Korea matter because the people who have the most economic potential are being harmed the most. All

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