North Korean Human Rights Violations

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The cruel and unruly torture that is done to the prisoners in North Korean concentration camps, are a reminder of the horrors that occurred during the holocaust by the Nazis and other Axis power. In these North Korean prison camps many prisoners die because of mistreatment, and lack of supplies; The United States and South Korea have estimated around 200,000 people imprisoned within many of these North Korean concentration camps. There is also an estimated 400,000 people who have died in these concentration camps from torture, starvation, and execution. North Korea’s Regime which controls all governmental aspects of North Korea created concentration camps for political prisoners and the family member of the political prisoners who have…show more content…
The three dogs killed five children. Three children died right away the other children were barely breathing and the guards buried them alive, the next day the dogs were awarded and fed “special food.” If the guards kill prisoners and bring back their body, the guards are awarded and given the opportunity to study at college. There is a complete loss of sympathy within these camps, children, men, and women killed simply for entertainment or for personal gain. Testimonies from North Korean refugees are arrested on criminal or political charges and tortured aiming to elicit confession, extract bribes, and information. Forms of torture that are used in these camps are sleep deprivation, beating with iron rods, kicks, slapping, enforced sitting or standing for hours. Pigeon torture is a common form of torture in such camps, prisoners are forced to cross their arms behind their backs and are handcuffed then hung in the air tied to a pole and then beaten with a club. Many women prisoners are raped by the guards. The camps also commit collective punishment which means that a group of people are sent to labor camps and deprived of their family. Born into a prison camp Shin Dong-hyuk old had witnessed the terrors of North Korean prison camps day in and day out. But he never understood why he had to starve, and be tortured daily. Shin never knew that there was a world
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