North Korean Political Policies On North Korea

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Beginning in the early 1940’s, Korea has been a split nation; the great divide that happened in initially in 1945 was just the beginning of what would become one of the world’s most infamous splits of a country. Radically different in political regime and agenda, these countries provide for a very complex case study of border conflict. Due to its extremely repressive regime, North Korea stands as one of the worst places to call home in the world, while South Korea is incredibly more liberal. Despite the inescapable amounts of propaganda imposed on the citizens of North Korea, the current generations of North Koreans hold ties to South Korea through separated family, making South Korea a very attractive but forbidden land. While South Korea continues to center its foreign policy on loosening the strict rule of the North Korean government, North Korea remains stubborn and the struggle remains in tow with the stark differentiation between ideologies politically, militarily, and culturally.

History of Korea
In the mid 10th century, the Silla regime was overtaken by the Goryea regime in what is today Korea when it was one land, and one people. The name “Korea” was directly derived from the pronunciation of the Goryea. (Shelley, 500). The first separation of the territory of Korea came after World War II ended, and the Soviets occupied the Northern portion of Korea, while the Americans occupied the Southern portion. This separation was never actually intended to
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