North Korea's Actions Are Crimes Against Humanity Essay

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Debates have been swirling around the international community over North Korea’s recent actions considered to be “Crimes against humanity” (Pearson, Hanna, and Park). When did North Korea start to have these issues and who is behind the crimes arguably equal to that of Nazi Germany? Was it during the reign of Kim ll-sung or Kim Jong-il? Arguments can be made that the crimes did start under the reign of these two leaders, but the real culprit behind the crimes against humanity is Kim Jong-un the current supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The issues within the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea start on the top with leader Kim Jong-un. Supreme leader Kim Jong-un has provide a bad reputation for himself due to…show more content…
The U.N. investigation completed this lasted year has proven just how out of control supreme leader Kim Jong-un is. Kim’s wild spending habits are proving to harm the people he is suppose to be protecting while he enjoys the better thing that life has to offer. Kim has also shown the world how questionable, impulsive, and illogical his leadership is. Just months after filling father Kim Jong-il’s role as leader Kim Jong-un ousted “older advisers who had been loyal to his father, Kim Jong Il” (Harlan). Kim didn’t stop there, after ridding himself of loyal and trusted advisers Kim recently accused his “uncle Jang Song Thaek, of opposing his rise and plotting an overthrow” (Harlan). Political experts and people alike see Kim’s purge of his fathers advisers and Kim’s execution of his uncle as an attempt to hold all power in North Korea. “Hong Kwan-hee, a professor in the Department of North Korea Studies”, believes “In the short run this kind of action could give Kim a more strong power base, but in the long run North Korea will be faced by very fundamental political instability” (MacLeod). Kim Jong-un in an effort to gain power has ridden North Korea of some of its best leaders and advisors. Possibly due to the lack of advisors Kim has been known to handle situations unprofessionally and irrationally. For example do to South Korean
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