North Korea's Persecution

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Current Event Paper: North Korea's Persecution In a recent study poling American citizens, our freedom of religion was listed as second to all other rights by a nearly innumerable margin. With that, it comes as no surprise to most that Kim Jong-Un's ordered execution of 33 Christian missionaries would earn a role as a leading news story in the United Sates. My words, however, have no value or affiliation with the United Sates of America; this issue is rooted thousands of miles away, as North Korea contiues to inflict persecution upon citizens living out their Faith. Practicing “underground” several citizens live each day in fear of their true identity beign exposed, of suffering a criminals death, or of their families having to go on without them. This fear is embodied by the people of North Korea, even as the world around them begins to find peace and acceptance among religions, but under a dicatoriship rule, there is no contest to the assimiliation that aims for neutrailty. On Thursday, March 6th, 2014, North Korea's dictator called for the immediate death of enough citizens to field three football teams, who had been noted for coming in contact with a South Korean missionary. One journalist noted, “It is understood they will be put to death in a cell at the State Security Department. Experts believe the North Koreans are being punished more harshly than usual as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un combats a wave of dissatisfaction at the regime's doctrine”
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