North South Tensions Before Civil War

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Ajit Beeki Ms. Jones North-South Tensions before Civil War The Civil War was not a spontaneous conflict, rather it was the culmination of various events in American history that were in the two decades preceding it. These events exposed a rift in American society which would eventually lead to the Civil War. Among these events were the Kansas-Nebraska Act and Mexican-American War. Both of them lead to a highly polarized reactions from Northerners and Southerners in the slavery debate. In the end, the Kansas-Nebraska Act and Mexican-American War intensified Northern opposition to slavery, which as a result put America on a path to war. Despite the fact that the Mexican War, happened more than a decade before the American Civil War, Mr. Polk’s war was vital in reigniting the debate on slavery and lead to more political action from Northerners on the issue. From the time he was sworn into office, Polk readied for Westward Expansion. He attempted to extend the United State 's borders by buying Mexico’s northern lands (Norton 356). In 1846, when Mexico refused to sell, Polk basically guided the two countries to war (356-357). Two years later, the war officially ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which basically stipulated that America gained all of Mexico’s territory north of the Rio Grande (358). But while the war, at least in the eyes of Polk, had been in success, it brought an issue which had been avoided and tabled for a very long time: slavery (359). On one
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