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North West constructive bank center 2
North West Constructive Bank is a large retail Banking group with a mid-sized mortgage business. The primary responsibility is to running the new applications process in the bank’s new mortgage center. Presently they have turned combined their three location into one new mortgage center and has gone through certain process related issues. In the North West constructive Bank case study, Andy Curtis is the Mortgage Operation Manager of North West Constructive Bank. The main advantage of combining a three Centre’s into a single site could make significant savings. However, there is some disadvantage of this movement. The primary problem is worse
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The following paragraphs will analyze the case, find the fundamental problems and give some solution to mitigate these problems. Case analysis
By using the case study, there are total 76,500 application received for mortgages. But there are total 21,735 applications are recycled in between the process. There are various reason behind the recycling problem. The primary reasons could be the information that is mentioned in the application is incorrect, missing or incomplete in some way. Some recycle application were the consequence of the clients altering their opinion about the detail of the home loan amid the procedure time frame; more often than not this was because they required acquiring the other amount. Some recycling were result directly by mistakes made within the center in the input or in writing stages. The total percentage of the recycled application is:
Application received = 76,250
Recycle application = 21,765
Therefore, percentage recycled = 21,735/76,250 = 28.5%.
When the staff member of the mortgage center find that the application needs recycling within the process than they put the recycling application and its related document into a yellow tag. After that, this application was analyzed by the supervisor, and he or she evaluate that how the application should be treated. There is some application who are rejected. Recycling and

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