North Wind Critical Thinking

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I love reading and read everything I can. I enjoy discussing what I read and analyzing the elements. I am hoping that this class will help me learn to focus on particular aspects of the plot, story, and analyzing the author’s intentions. I am think that being given particular points to analyze will advance my critical thinking and allow me to apply the skills we learn in all types of thinking and analysis in the future. 2) A. The North Wind is a forceful presence while the Sun is more gentle and persuasive. B. The North Wind’s method was ineffective because it mad the man colder which caused him to pull the cloak tighter around him, which increased the force needed by the North Wind. The harder he blew the more the man gripped the cloak making the North Wind’s method ineffective.…show more content…
The Sun was successful because he used persuasion by gently increasing the strength of his heat. He began by gently “beaming down upon the traveler” and then he “shone forth his full strength ( (Kennedy and Gioia).” By using this gentle form of persuasion instead of using force, he was able to convince the man to remove his cloak. D. The man in this story is the complication. A complication is the introduction of a significant development between characters. The man is the complication because the characters are using him as the meter of who is stronger. The man is the measurement they have decided upon so he is a significant development and becomes the complication. E. “Persuasion is better than force” means that by gently increasing the power of the sun, which increased the man’s temperature the sun was able to convince the man to remove his cloak. No matter how forceful the North Wind blew the man struggled harder against him. The moral reinforces that force is not a means to an end because the person will fight you tooth and nail. 3) A. The Geese agree to transport the Tortoise along as he doesn’t speak a word on the
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