North and South on Slavery

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The North and South have very different views on slavery. This has lead to lots of tension and fighting. When people were first settling here they had slaves. It has been going on for almost 100 years. Starting around the Revolutionary war the North became opposed to slavery. They had less use for them as time went on. The South, on the other hand, felt they needed slavery. They had to harvest tobacco and cotton as fast as possible. They knew they couldn’t do it themselves so they bought lots of slaves to work in their fields. They didn’t need to pay them and they were relatively cheap. In the events from the end of the Revolutionary War to the beginning of the Civil War many ideals about slavery changed. Slavery was slowly tearing us apart. In the events form the end of the Revolutionary War to 1800 many ideals involving slavery were altered. The first example was the constitution. In the Constitution they finally mention slaves. Slaves now count as 3/5 of a person. This may not seem like a major improvement in the treatment of slaves but it really is. Before slaves didn’t count for anything. Now, at least, they count for something. Another example is the early emancipation of slaves in the north. The ideals of life and liberty were finally being offered to African Americans. When they were set free, it truly meant all men are created equal (A). Another example of the resistance of slavery was the way the emancipation of slavery was decided on a state by state basis. The
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