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North vs. South Compare and Contrast The north and south were very different from each other socially and economically. They each had their won interpretations of the Constitution and their differing views creating much conflict. Each conflict gave the two regions their own reasons for entering a Civil War. First of all, economic circumstances were very different between the north and the south. The north gradually had become an economy revolving around manufacturing and commerce; they focused more on the city life. Unlike the north, the south was more agricultural, and their economic production was stemmed from plantations. The majority of the south was rural, while the north was more urban. The south depended on the export of the…show more content…
Whether slavery was to be permitted and continued under the constitution was a debatable issue between the north and the south. The north and the south each had different views about this part of the constitution. In addition, the north’s interest in tariffs was only benefiting them while jeopardizing the south. The south called for nullification of tariffs which was allowed since this action was protected in the 10th amendment. However, the north thought that they were violating federal law and that the south must abide by laws places upon them. The south wanted to increase states’ rights and lessen the powers of the federal government while the north was in opposition of this view. All these opposing interests of the north and south divided the union. The south seceded because they simply did not get along with the north. These were the events leading up to the Civil War; the south was fighting a defensive war, simply trying to defend their reserved rights of the 10th amendment, while the north was fighting to keep the south in the union. But the south wouldn’t join the union again and they wouldn’t be together unless the north won. Lincoln, president of the United Stated stated that “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I

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