Northern And Southern United States

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Northern and Southern United States both started their history differently. The South was mostly into farming, while the North was more about the industry. Both regions also had sectional differences in the way tariffs and slavery were intertwined. Since there were unfair tariffs that tested dominate leaders like the Britain Crown, many rebellions have been staged. The North and South in the United States did have many differences between each other, but they eventually came together as a united country. The Industry was booming in the North and this made a difference within this region. The industry was also their main source of trade. In Virginia, the tobacco industry was taking off, which in turn made the colony extremely powerful. Another big industry was fur, which had just begun to become big between the French and the English. Great Britain had wanted to merge all of the colonies together to make a Domain, but to many eyes this would be a mistake. This was obvious because of the religious and industry differences in the colonies. In the South, farming was one of their sectional differences. This included growing cotton and selling the cotton. At first cotton was the most demanded product, but when exotic furs came into the picture economic issues became high in the South. This in time led to political issues. One of the major political issues in the Southern region was Slavery, which directly divided the North and South. The Northern parts were
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