Northern California Needs an Electoral System

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Setting up an electoral system means more than just determining how the people should be elected into positions within the government, it has to do with a broader scope. The way that the electoral system is set up encompasses the way that it deals with representation, and we learned through lecture that this term representation had to do with “how a person acts on behalf of another person or a group of people”. So in this scenario of setting up the system that voters are going to elect politicians to represent their values and problems, it is very important that the right system be used. To create this system we must answer 4 key elements of how the electoral system will be ran such as what type of representation the state will have, the voting method that will be used, and what we discuss first which is the number of member’s that we have per district. When choosing the number of people that we elect per district, I believe that this is one of the most important issues. When we look at multi-member districts one might think that the segmentation of work and the ability to represent multiple values and backgrounds might be beneficial, but it can hinder efficiency. In a perfect situation all the members of the district would work together and be able to hear everyone’s problems, but we have to understand that government is far from perfect.…
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