Northern Gateway Project

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Kyla Macmillan
Seminar: Tuesday 5:00 pm
March 25th, 2013
ERSC 1000
Northern Gateway Pipeline

Imagine yourself looking across a river, filled with birds, deer and a beaver. These animals are at peace and you are at peace with the ultimate certainty that all things will be right, healthy, and indestructible. Until the Northern Gateway Pipeline is built directly through the lake, disrupting not only you, but the environment, habitat and ecosystem.

The Northern Gateway Project is a major pipeline proposed to carry crude oil from the Alberta Oil Sands to Kitimat British Columbia. It will provide temporary jobs for 62,700 people for 10 years and will leave 1,150 long-term jobs after the pipeline is built. Although this is a positive
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Some stakeholders in the Northern Gateway Project would counter with defending the Enbridge as they plan on using thicker pipe and horizontal drilling to bore beneath 30 rivers, instead of passing through them. Though they are changing their pipe sizes and thickness, this new material is being used for the first time and could potentially become a disaster if the pipe breaks and leaves over the ocean, rivers and/or environments. (5) As stated throughout this piece, First Nations people and their land is in danger if the Northern Gateway Pipeline is built. If given a larger amount of money, the Coastal First Nations would be capable of defending their lands and reviewing the Enbridge plans. Unfortunately this has not happened and all we can do is hope for the best.

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