Northern Insurance : A Analysis Introduction

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Northern Insurance - TUFS Analysis Introduction
From the IT Strategy text mini case, Northern Insurance has spent an enormous amount of both human and financial capital on its pathway to putting the Technical Underwriting Financial System (TUFS) into place (McKeen & Smith, 2015). This paper will compare the relative IT information systems success rates to National Insurance’s experience with TUFS and make some determinations as to what might have been done differently during the life of the project and what can be done moving forward to salvage the TUFS project. In the analysis, this writing will compare past studies, personal experiences and suggest a path forward for Northern Insurance.
TUFS Initiation
The TUFS Underwriting software
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12-15). All six of these were identified as critical reasons why most projects fail.
(1) Lack of effective project management skills/involvement
(2) Lack of adequate user involvement
(3) Lack of top-management commitment to the project
(4) Lack of required knowledge/skills in the project personnel
(5) Poor/inadequate user training
(6) Lack of cooperation from users (user resistance)
In the case of Northern Insurance, several of these key criteria were violated. First of all, relating to cause number (2), the case indicates that little or no user involvement was required by management in the initial undertaking of the project. Lack of user involvement means that coders had little chance of meeting the business needs from the very beginning. Without their expertise, input and feedback to changes. The coders had little chance of success. One evaluation of multiple studies indicates that user involvement is critically important and they must have the ability to influence the outcome of the system.
User involvement has the greatest impact on system success if the user is allowed to voice an opinion and make choices from predefined options. The reasoning may be that with the voice and choice option, users anticipate their opinions and concerns to be accepted and implemented by the developers, thus raising their confidence and satisfaction levels. This constitutes a
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