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Northern Ireland A world of hate supports many conflicts in modern society. Strings of hatred entangle all walks of life. Oftentimes, the most disheartening part of most ongoing hatred is the fact that the people involved do not even know how it began. Since 1170, nothing but hatred, intolerance, and death has surrounding the culture of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a land rich in tradition and pride; the same pride sustains the separation of the Protestants and the Catholics. The Protestants wish to stay loyal to Britain and allow Britain to stay in control of Northern Ireland, while the Catholics want to break free from British rule altogether and start their own free Northern Irish state. The thought of British…show more content…
that does not exist in Northern Ireland. For instance you would not see two Americans killing each over religion as often as you would in Northern Ireland. Once again, it is difficult to figure out how much of the violence in Northern Ireland is based on religious views and how much is over political views. The line between religion and politics in Northern Ireland is not distinguishable. The strife began in 1170. Norman warriors left England and brought violence to Ireland. They were sent from their homeland by King Henry II to gain control over the region for British rule. For four centuries, the Norman warriors made an impact in Ireland. Despite their efforts with the war, it was still considered unsuccessful. The Norman campaign grew stronger when a chieftain by the name of Hugh O'Neil entered the scene. Oddly enough, Hugh did not side with the English; he led a rebellion against the British army. The rebellion was quickly destroyed. Hugh's failure caused other Gaelic chiefs to flee from Ireland and opened the door for English in colonize Ireland. In 1641 the Catholic population had their first chance to win back their country with the help of Charles I. Charles I led a conflict against the Parliament. Things worsened for the King when he set out to destroy all those who would dare to oppose him. He orchestrated the Great Rising, in which he sent out agents to murder a number of Protestant Ulster planters. The
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