Northern Lights Career Development Center: Case Study

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Northern Lights Career Development Center is a massive resource for Early Childhood and After school Professionals. This resource is an outline of education development that will guide us towards our career goals. The agency of Human Services makes this program possible though grant money for Vermonters who want to pursue a career as an Early Educator. The Northern Lights program helps the professional development of Vermonters to improve the quality of Early Education and to combines resources to make this possible. In this outline you will find many things such as Career Pathways, Training and Coursework, and Roles. Each of these sections provides the information needed to become an impressive Early educator and will open doors to many positions that have to do with Early Education and After school Professionals.
Career Pathways is a part of the program that describes the knowledge and education needed to develop yourself. It lays out the stepping stones one by one to create a ladder that brings you to your ideal career path in Early Education and After school Program management. It also explains the ethical code of
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In the Roles section of the website it offers a look into different types of educational roles and positions that you may want to do or have an opportunity to become. The website breaks down the roles so you can have a clear picture of what you can do with you level of education and what you can do with more education. Some of the roles are Early Childhood professionals, Program Directors, After school professionals, and Special services professionals. This website acts as my personal road map to the professional route I want to take and helps me find the resources I need to get there. For an individual who wants to be involved in Education in Vermont, Northern Lights Career Development Centers should be a big part of
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