Northern Natural Gas Company Management

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Enron Corporation was once known as Northern Natural Gas Company, Founded in 1932 in Omaha, Nebraska as a provider of natural gas. Through its early stages, Northern Natural Gas Company was unsuccessful in their business venture. They experienced problems in persuading consumers to use natural gas to heat their homes because of fear that natural gas leaks lead to explosions. Thanks to the great depression, many people were taking the risk because of how relatively cheap natural gas was. As the company’s revenues and profit grew, northern began to acquire many of its smaller competitors resulting in their apparent growth as a company. In 1947 its stock was listed on the New York stock exchange, providing the company with more finances which it needed to continue its growth in acquiring its competitors to becoming the largest natural gas supplier in the United States. In 1980, Northern Natural Gas Company changed its name to InterNorth, Inc in which over the next few years the company management extended the scope of the company’s operations. InterNorth invested in oil exploration, chemicals, coal mining and fuel-trading operating but the company’s focus always remained the natural gas industry where it tried so hard to dominate in its industry. In 1985, InterNorth purchased Houston Natural Gas Company for 2.3 billion allowing them to achieve their long sought goal of becoming the largest natural gas company in the United States. In 1986, InterNorth went through its last
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