Northern New Spain Essay

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Crisis and Transformation in Northern New Spain: Defensive Expansion into Texas: Spain establishes a mission in Texas, that was not adequate and a disappointment. Women and the Law in New Spain and British North America: The Spanish women had more rights to her, her husband, and family earnings and inheritance than the English women. Eighteenth –Century New France: Slavery and Colonial Society in French Louisiana: In 1729 the French enlisted slaves to fight with them, which will earn them their freedom (Black Militiamen). Imperial Rivalries: Queen Anne War was about competing for trade. British had little chance in expanding west of the Appalachian Mountains. Forces of Division in British North America: Moving into the Backcountry: With so many people entering North America colonies people move to the back country.…show more content…
Slave Societies in the Eighteenth-Century South: The Slave Family and Community: It was hard keeping a family together during slavery due that they was getting sell or split up. The community was always changing but they slaves brought their culture with them. Slave Resistance in Eighteenth-Century British North America: The slave resistance happened more in the Caribbean Islands and Brazil than in the New World. Enlightenment and Awakening in America: The First Great Awakening: Preachers will reach the evangelical message have the people fear hell and the domination of their sins. The Aftermath of the great Awakening: The Americans started to debate over everything from culture to religion. Anglo-American Worlds of the Eighteenth Century: English Economic and Social Development: England Financial institution grew profitable in 1750. The colonists indulge in luxuries. Inequality in England and America: In England the rich was living a good life, while the bottom of the society was
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