Northern vs. Italian Renaissance Styles: A Comparison of Two Unidentified Images

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Northern versus Italian Renaissance styles: A comparison of two unidentified images The most notable feature of the far left, Italian Renaissance image is its emphasis on classicism in its design. The dome-shaped building in the background of the painting recalls that of the Pantheon of ancient Rome. The anatomy of the figures is extremely realistic and proportional, suggesting classical Greek and Roman sculpture. There is a symmetry and perfection in how the figures are arranged, as the man and the women are apparently exchanging rings in celebration of marriage under the auspices of a priest. The figures have a three-dimensional quality which contributes to the idealized, yet realistic texture of the work. The rectangular pattern of the tiles in back of the Italian Renaissance painting underlines the geometric arrangement of the figures in the foreground and the background. All of the images of the people look carefully 'placed' by the artist. Not only was interest in classical era sculpture and architecture revived during the Renaissance in Italy, but also interest in math and science, and the near-mathematical precision of the painting reflects this fact. In contrast, the Northern Renaissance image on the left shows figures which are far more grotesque and disproportionate. In one side of the diptych, the bare leg of the robed, bearded man dominates the painting and seems to be far too long for his torso. His fingers are likewise long, bony, and oddly-shaped, in

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