Northwind Company

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Case Study Analysis * The Northwind Company - 1.0 Overview of Situation
The Northwind Company, industry leader and national manufacturer of quality camping products, was established by Paul Clarey in 1975. At the beginning, the company focused on importing inexpensive sporting products and reselling them to discount retailers; then, in 1985, it manufactured a line of high quality tents and backpacking equipment. In addition, it started to expand its distributions around the world by increasing more products to the product line in 1990. To date, the Northwind is regarded as a brand with high quality and dependability.
Lately, the Northwind Company
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Furthermore, it is only used as information, not a strategy to market its products.

4.0 Alternative Solutions * Message Strategy
When marketing agency created a message strategy, they should probe into three categories, customer needs, competitors’ strategies and company’s objectives. Consequently, since price is the most critical factor for male buying motives and the most second important reason for customer brand selection; additionally, the current objective for the company is that its message strategy should both combine high-quality brand image and good value of lawn furniture. Furthermore, the company needs to use photography than illustration to launch lawn furniture due to the fact that the feelings of customers about the brand can be more vital than knowledge of lawn furniture features. * Advantage: It can efficiently satisfy both customers’ needs and company’s objective. Moreover, good photography advertising can affect on consumers’ evaluations of a brand and using emotional advertising is better remembered than informational one. * Disadvantage: The lawn furniture savvy buyers, who focus on practicability and utilitarian need of products, would not see the specific features from this message strategy. Thus, the company might lose some market share. * Marketing Communication Strategy
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